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Term Loans, Lines of Credit, Same-Day Funding

Funding Amount

Same-day Funding:

10k – 500k

Longer-Term Funding:

250k – $10 million

Line of Credit:

15% of Yearly Revenue

Interest Rate

Same-day Funding:

Starting at 20%

Longer-Term Funding:

6% – 14%

Line of Credit:



Same-day Funding:

1 – 18 months

Longer-Term Funding:

1 – 10 years

Line of Credit:


Payment Pull

Same-day Funding:

Daily – Weekly

Longer-Term Funding:


Line of Credit:



2-15 minutes to complete our online applications. No back and forth

Receive Offer

Receive offers within hours. Accept or request an update

Sign Contract

If you like the offer, sign your contract and have a funding call

No Upfront Fees

No upfront fees or retainers. You choose if you want to take our offer


Short-Term Funding: Same or next day. Longer-Term Funding: 40-50 days. Line of Credit: 15-30 days.

We Want You To Join Our Club

Every business is different and every customer is special at Direct Funding Club. Our goal is to create a club where you feel comfortable having a source for your short-term and long-term capital needs in order to grow your business. You have worked hard to build your product and we want to help you continue and move to the next level.

Funding options are carefully designed to suit specific business types with utmost flexibility and a sense of immediacy.

Direct Funding Club Application process

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